New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) partners with eagle-i to improve access to stem cell lines

Working with NYSCF, we have developed a powerful tool to search stem cell lines. Stem cell producers, distributors, and researchers are invited to join this effort. Contact us to show your stem cell lines in eagle-i.


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What is eagle-i?

eagle-i is a resource discovery platform funded by Harvard Catalyst to facilitate translational science research. Share information about the biomedical resources you have in your lab using eagle-i’s open source software. Find the resources you need using eagle-i’s free search tool. Help make open science happen.


Participating Institutions

The eagle-i Network includes a variety of academic and non-profit organizations from all across the country. Participating organizations include universities, repositories, and institutional consortia that have one thing in common: they have chosen to promote biomedical resource discovery in the scientific community.

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What users are saying about eagle-i

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The eagle-i tool allowed us to easily bypass an otherwise substantial roadblock.

Priya Srikanth, MD-PhD Student Harvard Medical School

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