What is eagle-i?

eagle-i is a free application that makes it easy to discover resources at a growing network of universities; more than 90,000 resources are listed and more are added every week. The free software is an open source project, and we welcome institutions to adopt it and participate in this growing network. The data in the system is also open access; anyone — regardless of affiliation — is welcome to search for resources, or to download the Linked Open Data directly.

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Participating Institutions

The eagle-i Network was founded by a Consortium of 9 academic institutions joining forces to promote biomedical resource discovery in the scientific community. Since its inception, the Network has grown to more than 28 participating institutions, with more in the process of joining.

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What users are saying about eagle-i

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The eagle-i tool allowed us to easily bypass an otherwise substantial roadblock.

Priya Srikanth, MD-PhD Student
Harvard Medical School

The eagle-i platform allowed us to easily discover 5 additional proteomics facilities…that were within easy walking distance from our lab.

Dominic Walsh, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurology
Harvard Medical School
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