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for Researchers

Query multiple institutions, connect with other researchers, share or request resources.

eagle-i search tools are completely free. Use the search box above or browse our top categories to search thousands of resources. Limit your search to local institutions or discover resources available at a diverse group of academic and not-for-profit research institutions across the entire country.


for Institutions

Collect and share information about research resources in a highly organized and accessible way.

  • Catalyze innovative collaborations within and beyond your institution
  • Promote your accomplishments across the network
  • Find strategic partner institutions and identify other institutions with complementary research resources
  • Elevate your standings as a leader in data and resource sharing


for Developers

Get the open source software and search semantically rich data resources of all kinds.

All developers and administrators are welcome to participate, view the developer Wiki, follow the project, or just download code. For details and documentation, open-source community information, and training materials, see the open source project site.