Collect and share information about research resources in a highly organized and accessible way.

By bringing eagle-i to your research community, you can:
  • Catalyze innovative collaborations. Foster new multi-disciplinary efforts within and beyond your institution’s walls.
  • Promote your institution’s accomplishments. Catalog the wealth of resources available at your institution and publicize its unique expertise.
  • Find strategic partner institutions. Identify other institutions with complementary research resources.
  • Align with and support federal sharing policies. Position itself as a leader in data and resource sharing.

The software is open source and entirely free. Contact us if you’re interested in joining the growing network of institutions who have already implemented eagle-i.


Each member institution is fully autonomous and responsible for its own local data repository. There are two implementation options. Choose whichever option best serves your needs:

for_institutions_localIn this option, your technical staff will install and maintain the eagle-i software on a server, perhaps one you already have. If you have the server space, you can get started now. Here are local installation instructions. for_institutions_cloudIn this option, your technical staff will create an Amazon Cloud instance, then install and maintain the eagle-i software there. Here are Amazon Cloud installation instructions.

Each institution is welcome to customize the open source software to fit its needs.


Technical staffing is minimal, with easy installation of the software and 3-4 software updates per year. For a typical institution, expect a day or less for initial installation and configuration. Resource collection staffing depends on the size of your institution, the scope of your resource collection, and aggressiveness of your outreach.

More detailed job descriptions and training materials are available at:


Resource collection is typically broken into three phases: start up, collection, and maintenance. Each institution that installs the eagle-i software suite collects resource information using its own version of the SWEET (Semantic Web Entry & Editing Tool), a web-based data entry application.

eagle-i SWEET data entry tool
The SWEET workbench allows user to create new organizations or navigate to existing ones.
eagle-i SWEET data entry record
Data entry forms in the SWEET are driven by the eagle-i ontology, making them flexible and responsive to changing standards.
  • Create an inventory of local research resources and a plan for collecting information about them. This helps to make most effective use of the interactions with the research community.
  • A dedicated staff person can either enter data on behalf of resource providers or train resource providers to use the SWEET data entry tool directly.
  • Finally, perform curation and outreach to ensure the information entered is consistent, accurate, relevant and up to date. Guidance and support is available from a small, centrally-based curation team to answer any data-entry questions.


After your resources are entered, contact us to have your institution added to eagle-i search, making your resources visible to a national audience of researchers and institutions. We ask Network member sites to:

  • Maintain communication with resource providers to keep information up to date.
  • Maintain a high level of data quality.
  • Publish only those resources that are consistent with the mission of eagle-i.
  • Keep your local software installation up to date with the current release.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of the process, we welcome you to contact us.