Query multiple institutions, connect with other researchers, share or request resources.


eagle-i search tools are free for anyone, anywhere to use. Use the search box above or browse our top categories to search thousands of resources now. Limit your search to local institutions or discover resources available at a diverse group of academic and not-for-profit research institutions across the entire country.

  • EAGLE-I REQUEST allows you to reach out to resource providers without exposing their contact information, and helps manage requests by providing response templates for a simple, guided interaction.
  • CITE RESOURCES using a durable and unique ID number that makes it easy to give credit and improve reproducibility.
  • SEARCH TIPS can help you easily find the tools you need.
  • BROWSE THE ONTOLOGY to explore the way eagle-i resources are organized and semantically linked.

Looking for iPS cell lines? Use the iPS Cell Search tool to narrow in on exactly what you’re looking for.


Do you have resources that might help other scientists? Instead of letting them sit idle in your lab, put them to good use. Getting started is easy — begin with key resources that are easy for you to identify and share. If you use a 3rd party provider or distributor for your resources, we can link users directly to outside ordering systems.

  • Bring greater visibility to your work and career
  • Give new purpose to resources not currently in use
  • Publicize what makes your lab unique
  • Help core facilities connect with researchers in need of their services

Entering resource information into eagle-i requires an account for the SWEET data entry software application. Contact us to get started or to update existing resource details.