eagle-i provides anonymous contact options to protect the privacy of resource providers while still facilitating resource sharing.


The type of contact form that displays on a resource page in eagle-i search will vary by resource type. For more details on how to use these forms, please see eagle-i Search Application Help.

Contact forms for organizations, people, and certain types of resources, such as instruments or services, allow researchers to send a brief message, ask a general question, or inquire about a resource. The resource provider can then reply directly to this message using what email the sender specifies.

For some resource types, such as model organisms or antibodies, a more detailed request form prompts the requesting researcher to provide information about their intended use of the resource. To send a request using this form, the researcher must agree to:

  • Provide any technical insight gained while using this resource (e.g. unexpected or interesting behaviors of plasmids, promoters, allele transmission in animals, etc.).
  • Accurately cite the use of the requested resource in any resultant publication. See Citing An eagle-i Resource.

To ensure privacy is maintained, using either type of contact form generates an initial email to the contact address specified by the resource provider without revealing that address to the requesting researcher.


The more detailed request form begins a guided interaction between the resource provider and requester.

Step 1: Request. Resource providers will receive an email request generated from the request form, where they can easily reply by either agreeing to share the resource, declining to share the resource, or asking for more information before making a decision. If the resource owner wishes to delegate the response to someone else in their lab, they can simply forward the email to that person.

Requesters will receive a reply at the email address they provided in the request form, regardless of the decision.

Step 2: Exchange. Once the provider has agreed to share the resource with the requester, both parties must exchange contact information in order to work out any logistical considerations.

Step 3: Feedback. About 2 months after the provider agrees to share the resource, eagle-i will ask the requester to provide them with feedback about the resource. Because we understand the requester may not be ready to provide feedback at that time, we allow them to “snooze” this request for feedback as many times as needed.

At each step in the guided interaction, automatic reminders will be sent if no response has been received after a reasonable amount of time. At any time in the process, either party may cancel the resource request for any reason.

We at eagle-i hope that these enhanced contact and request forms make communication between resource providers and requesters faster, easier, and more productive. We welcome feedback on this process; if you have comments or questions, please contact us.